Research Interests

Energy and Environmental Justice

Sustainable Energy Access and Poverty Alleviation

Climate Resilience and Sustainable Cooling

Policy/Program Evaluation and Implementation Research

Machine Learning for Public Policy

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Shastry V., Reeves D C., Willems N., & Rai V. (2022). Policy and behavioral response to shock events: An agent-based model of the effectiveness and equity of policy design features. PLOS ONE 17 (1): e0262172.

Shastry V., & Morse S.M. (2021). A Comparative Analysis of Energy Gaps in Health Care: Haiti, Senegal, and the DRC. Healthcare for Women International. DOI: 10.1080/07399332.2021.1964503

Shastry, V. & Rai, V. (2021). Reduced Health Services at Under-Electrified Primary Healthcare Facilities: Evidence from India. PLOS ONE 16 (6): e0252705.

Shastry, V., Mani, M., & Tenorio, R. (2016). Evaluating thermal comfort and building climatic response in warm-humid climates for vernacular dwellings in Suggenhalli (India). Architectural Science Review 59(1):12–26.

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